Three key ingredients....

As individual ingredients then sure, they have purpose and use.

If you just looked at the ingredients in isolation you don’t really get to the point of making the coffee you wanted in the first place though. 

Combine them together though and you have a beautiful Americano.

This is much the same as changing our body, health and fitness. We can do things in isolation all to often.

We can sometimes focus on 1 or 2 ingredients and parts of it and then other bits aren't done and it results in an incomplete change or not getting what you wanted.

Just as the three ingredients in this coffee; there are three ingredients to the best results. 

If you had just three things to do, to focus on, to make your body change and be what you want, do these:

1. The coffee - the key ingredient - EAT WELL

Just as coffee isn't coffee without a shot of the black gold, changing your body isn't likely to happen significantly without a solid nutritional plan.

Eating ‘clean’ is a start but all too often falls apart when you have a cheat meal or day!

The best way to start? Track your food intake, stick to your calories and then work on making what makes up those calories better nutritionally and on a macro and micronutrient level


It sounds simple, just move, lift and exercise. In essence it is simple but actually doing it can be complex.

However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Lifting weights helps promote lean muscle, be stronger, more coordinated and injury proof and doing conditioning helps us to be fitter, healthier and less out of breath! 

A lot of us start with just diet which is fine and you will still see progress but if you want to accelerate the progress and shape what you look like after the body fat has gone then the training part is vital too. 


In the pursuit of perfection and progress we all too often forget how important rest and recovery is in the pursuit of trying to train more, move more and eat better. That's all relevant but so is recovering, resting and being able to then train harder. 

Don't get lost in "the grind" as you'll likely end up burnt out, spinning your wheels or getting frustrated. Rest and recovery matters and plays a big role. 

Just as coffee, water and milk combine to make an americano, eating well, training and recovering sensibly combine to make an awesome but sustainable body change. 

Interconnect the three, not just focus on the one. #WeRiseTogether

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Maks' First Experience

Strength & Condisneying

Evening all! A happy Wednesday to you all,

Ive just returned from Disneyland Paris for the second time in 6 months for Seasons Of The Force (star wars season, woo!) refreshed and ready for my new challenges.

This morning at 7am (following 9 hours traveling yesterday as well as an hour on the mats!) I started my journey in the world of Strength and Conditioning with the Fit3sixty guys!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-07 at 16.09.19.jpeg

Before i get into exactly what I did, i will say this, after using multiple gyms over the years (not including Trojan where I Train BJJ) I can honestly say ive never felt so comfortable and happy to be in a gym environment. As someone whos struggled with his size for a number of years due to being bullied throughout primary and secondary school because of it (boohoo, sob story over) Within the first 5 mins of walking through those doors this morning, ive never felt so comfortable and in safer hands.

A combination of the positivity and encouragement of both Trojan and Downstairs at Fit3sixty have never made me feel more confident and more excited to better myself.

I was introduced to Sam, my coach for the morning and we began with a series of warmups, which included squats, lunges, mountain climbers, press ups and other activities to make sure i was ready for the session.

I was then introduced to Caroline (Carolineeee, whatever Outkast are great) who would also be joining me on my training session, who also made me feel right at home from the start. (Here we are doing a flex, hers better than mine and me a big sweaty mess.)

This weeks work out included the following:

5×5 Set of Goblin Squats

2 sets of Length of the gym Lunges

15×4 Bent over rows with 15×4 burpees over the bar

15×4 single arm presses

10 backward lunges

we then did 6 mins of

15 on each arm SA DB snatches

30 Mountain climbers

10 medicine ball slams (mine was 10KG, Carolines was 15KG)


At the end of my session, we high fived and it was smiles all round.

I didnt die, i recovered well, I felt fantastic, I then knew how much S&C was going to do to improve my game and i was going to have a blast doing it, even if sometimes it wouldnt be easy!

Final thought: Fit3sixtys Spotify tunes in the gym, are also the best ive ever had. (seriously, banger after banger)

One happy dude, Jiujitsu and RPG posts coming at the weekend (what we’ve worked on this week in class and writing my Star Wars campaign)

For now, Sweaty, Happy, Ready to work

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