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The next thing you'll need to do is download our booking app to be able to get your sessions in the diary. 

This can be found in the App Store of your mobile device - just search for FIT3SIXTY UK or follow the links below:

iPhone - CLICK HERE    or   Android - CLICK HERE

Once downloaded just create an account, head to the "Classes" section and you can start to book in.

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1 - Your first session

The first one is a nice ice breaker. Nothing too strenuous, we just want to get you acclimatised, see how you can move, understand your previous experiences and then teach you some of the basics. From this we'll have everything we need to write your first training plan.

2 - Getting your starting point

If you can take a note of your weight, photos in your underwear (don't worry, these are just for you, you don't have to show us) and then measure you chest, hips, waist, arms and legs at their widest points we'll have a nice spread of things to compare as time progresses. We can also get a full body analysis with our state of the art InBODY270 machine which we'll try and get done on your first session.

 3 - Watch the education videos

Here you can watch the video that covers an introduction on nutrition, what matters and how to get started with the tracking app.

 4 - Logging your food

We don't need to reinvent the wheel we just need to see what you're eating so we can start to tweak and change it. In the Facebook group if you could log your food for the first couple of weeks it will give the coaches an insight into what we can recommend and change. After the first week we'll then give you some calorie goals to start to try and hit. 


We'll then send you some emails over the coming days and weeks with information and education on food, training, hydration and sleep! Keep your eyes open and if nothing comes through - check your junk mail or let us know!

We're excited to be working with you!